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We believe that how we do our work at Cardtronics is just as important as what we do as a Company. Our actions demonstrate the value we place on our people. Our executive leadership, in partnership with our Board of Directors places high value on ensuring the Company creates a positive, inclusive, and diverse work environment for its employees in which all have the opportunity to realize their potential as individuals and teams. The Board and our executive team take an active interest in ensuring all employees understand and feel connected to the purpose-driven mission, vision, and values of the organization.


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Our core values include One Team, Trust, Excellence, Ambitious, and Innovation. Management purposefully defined these values to drive specific behaviors in the service of Cardtronics’ long-term success and the achievement of its vision. The Board regularly reviews management’s ongoing, focused efforts to embed these values throughout the organization. In 2018 and 2019, this included directly linking the demonstration of values-driven behaviors to performance management and a portion of every employee’s compensation to incentivize behavior and performance in line with our desired culture. How we achieve results is as important as the results we achieve.


Training and Development

Cardtronics is committed to the training and development of its employees in the areas of skills development and enhancement, performance support, leadership development, and professional effectiveness. Employee training and development is crucial to an organization’s ability to achieve its goals. Consequently, all training and development is aligned to those goals, and designed to enable individuals to more effectively execute to achieve them. The effective implementation of these activities is essential to fostering a mature learning culture and, ultimately, deriving rich value from training & development investments. 

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We have developed a robust management and leadership training program. We provide courses in-house via classroom or virtual delivery. We also partner with outside organizations to supplement our training programs. In 2019 we provided our executive leadership team with a 6 month leadership development program. For 2020-2021, we are working with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) to implement a High Potential Leadership program for identified high potential leaders in our organization.

We offer our employees certification and continuing education support through role-appropriate, manager approved certifications and associated continuing education courses, including Lean Six Sigma, Certified Fraud Examiner, other forensic certifications, country specific accounting designations, HR certifications, and law licenses.

Our U.K. business maximizes the organizational and employee value drawn from the government mandated Apprenticeship Levy through investment in a wide range of apprenticeship training programs that are available to all UK-based employees.  In 2019, Cardtronics invested £110,000 of Levy funding in formal apprenticeships for 58 employees who worked towards recognized qualifications in Project Management, Business Analytics, Leadership and Management, Cyber Security Technology, Customer Service and Business Administration.

All full-time employees receive a formal performance review. We emphasize the importance of our Values through a link in performance pay. All bonus-eligible employees have 25% of their bonus tied to Cardtronics Values, with a further bonus modifier related to Living the Values.


Inclusion and Diversity

SASB TC-SI-330a.3

Our objective is to foster an inclusive culture and diversity in alignment with our Values of being Ambitious while encouraging Trust, and supporting One Team pursuing Excellence and Innovation. Our Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) has executive responsibility for developing and leading our diversity strategy, with oversight from our Board of Directors through regular quarterly reporting of our performance.

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One of our recent initiatives is the launch of our diversity council to help advance diversity at our company. Our goals are to engender employee pride, to attract, engage, and retain top talent; drive business results and positive impacts in the communities we serve; and make continued progress against established I&D metrics.

To help ensure diversity in our hiring, we use a diversity-focused recruitment firm that helps ensure posting our open positions to diverse candidates. The organization also helps our leadership in learning to recruit from a broader pool of talent and to diversify their networks.

We provide employee training on inclusion, as well as regular training on our anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.

  Gender diversity

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Pay Gap

Cardtronics is committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work for our employees and seeks to ensure employees are paid equitably for substantially similar work. We regularly review and monitor the remuneration of all our employees. Our holistic Human Resource strategy and our new global Inclusion and Diversity strategy will continue to enable us to effectively implement actions that will detect and remove gender- and racial-based imbalances if they appear within our organization.

In the U.K. we report gender pay gap as required for our cash logistics and ATM maintenance business. We report a median pay gap of 0%, and an average pay gap of 6.9% driven by the historically male-dominated nature of the work associated with this business.


Employee Engagement

We conducted an annual employee engagement survey across our global workforce, supplemented as necessary via ad hoc pulse surveys on a departmental, regional, and group level. In 2020, the global survey participation rate was 69%, which was generally consistent with the prior year. We are pleased to report that 66% of our employees rated Cardtronics as a great place to work. This result was up 13 percentage points from the prior year survey. We also saw meaningful positive increases across key areas from respondents across geographies and functions.

The Company received very positive feedback from employees in the areas on inclusion and diversity, where positive responses ranged in the mid to high 80 percent range. We were also pleased with the increase in overall scores on Purpose/Vision/Values statements from 2019 to 2020.

How we foster and measure employee engagement:

  • Annual global employee engagement survey
  • Various events, activities and forums to foster participation, while inviting opinions, questions, and ideas
  • Communication through multimedia channels (intranet, digital boards, social media) for sharing information
  • CEO videos, memos, briefings, and presentations of strategy and business performance updates
  • Leadership town hall meetings, email updates, podcasts
  • Mandatory compliance training and optional professional and leadership development (in person and online classes and programs)
  • Employee involvement in company sponsored charitable events
  • Meetings with recognized trade unions and elected workplace representatives





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